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Polation is Newcastle’s newest, most unique pole dance competition.
We’ve taken the traditional competition format and thrown it out the window!

All about the creation of a mesmerizing pole dance routine, Polation allows the creative freedom to experiment, express yourself, and simply have a great time on stage. No longer will the emphasis be placed on the level of difficulty, experience, styling, dance, or any other restrictive element of judging, just an all-encompassing show dripping in x-factor!

At Polation our audience have complete control of the outcome, voting online live throughout the show to give constructive feedback, and a final point score, ultimately awarding the most entertaining show of the night, and providing every competitor with thorough, constructive feedback to help them continue to grow as performers.

Running every season right here in Newcastle, this ground breaking new competition gives amateurs the chance to perform alongside world champions, and everyone in between.

Be a part of this ground breaking Pole Dancing Competition “Polation” & grab your tickets today!