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2nd Polation 2018 - Ticket - 27th May 18

2nd Polation 2018 - Ticket - 27th May 18


mPole Newcastle Presents POLATION Autumn 2018

27th May 2018
Held at Wests Mayfield
Industrial Drive, Mayfield

Polation is Newcastle’s newest, most unique pole dance competition.

We’ve taken the traditional competition format and thrown it out the window!

All it the name of creating a mesmerizing pole dance routine, Polation allows ultimate creative freedom to experiment, express yourself, and simply have a great time on stage. No longer will the emphasis be placed on your level of difficulty, experience, styling, dance, or any other restrictive element of judging, but rather your focus should be creating an all-encompassing show dripping in x-factor!

At Polation your peers in the audience have complete control of the outcome, voting live throughout the show to give constructive feedback, and a finally the winner, ultimately awarding the most entertaining show of the night and providing every competitor with thorough, constructive feedback to help them continue to grow as performers.

Running every season (Summer, Autumn, Winter & Spring) right here in Newcastle, this ground breaking new competition gives amateurs the chance to perform alongside world champions and everyone in between.

Competitors are selected based on a “first in best dressed” basis, with the first 20 entrants who return their entry form and payment of entry fee payment going straight through to that season's competition. Then competitors are encouraged to rally a cheer squad big & small through ticket sales.

Presented by mPole, the stage will be set with two 45mm Stainless Steel, free standing, resistance spinning mPoles, under a flat top stage so you have creative freedom with floor work and dance elements.

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